A Simple Strategy to Winning the Fantasy 5 Lottery Instantly Satta Matka

Fantasy 5 is just one of the lottery games available for you to play. It’s not complicated; for some, playing this game is as easy as stepping from one stone to another, all you have to do is follow rules of the game and you will not go wrong. However some fantasy 5 lottery winners say that for one to win the pick 5 lottery you need to find a proven strategy or system.

If you’re a first-timer, this is how you play Fantasy 5 lottery. Get a play slip in any lottery workstation available near you. When you’re already holding your play slip, try to think of the prize waiting for you; do this for motivation to create a positive attitude. Remember that in any game you play, you should have a positive attitude to it so that you attract positivism in your surroundings. Don’t think of failure and other thoughts that will just pull you down and dishearten you.

The next thing you need to do is to select 5 numbers from your pay slip, remember that each pay slip contain more than one panel, that means you can choose 5 numbers from each panel. One panel means one game, and you are charged $1 per game. Matka You can choose your fantasy 5 lottery numbers or you can let the machine called Quick Pick to choose for you. If you want to join more than one game/panel, you can choose the same numbers you’ve chosen or you can change them, it’s up to you on how you will strategize your game.

Some people do not normally believe that there is a strategy in fantasy 5 lottery, but some may claim that in every game there is a strategy and that strategy should be planned well so that the execution of the plan will lead to one’s objective.

Remember to keep your pay slip. Give it to the retailer after having to choose your fantasy 5 lottery numbers. Pay the corresponding charge and the retailer will give you a ticket indicating your numbers and the draw dates for those numbers. Be responsible not to lose your ticket or else you might not be able to claim your prize if ever you win any of the prizes. If ever you won, do not forget that there is a deadline for claiming the prize; it should be claimed 180 days after the valid draw date.

The top prize winners of fantasy 5 lottery are the ones who were able to match 5 of 5 winning numbers during the specific draw date wherein your ticket would apply. If you were able to match only 2 numbers, you get a free Quick Pick ticket for the next draw; at least you don’t go home with nothing. When there are several winners for the top-prize, the prize will be equally shared, same goes with the second and third winners. Some people play it without any strategy but they win by luck, although it is better if you have the knowledge and the skill on strategizing your game.